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10/08/22 October 2022 Clinics loaded
03/12/22 March 2022 Clinics loaded
02/15/20 Slides from LED's/Bulbs clinic posted
03/06/17 Clinics to date for the 2016/2017 season posted
06/30/16 Clinics from 5/21/16 meeting posted
03/06/16 Clinics from 1/15/16 meeting posted
12/04/15 Clinics from 9/12/15 and 11/14/15 meetings posted
05/22/15 "Speeder Adventures" Clinic posted
04/02/15 "Modeling in N-Scale" Clinic posted
01/30/15 "Mind the Gap" Clinic from January 17, 2015 meeting posted
11/21/14 January meeting info posted
09/30/14 Clinics from September 20, 2014 meeting added
09/04/14 Meeting dates posted for 2014/2015 season
05/20/14 Clinics from the May 2014 meeting have been posted
04/12/14 Clinics from the March 2014 meeting have been posted
03/08/14 Layout Tour Added
01/19/14 After meeting layout visits added to home page
01/15/14 Added slides for 3D Printing clinic, Train Detection clinic and Lift-Out and Backdrop clinic
01/02/14 Event schedules updated: Conventions, Shows, Meets, Layout Tours
12/03/13 January 2014 meeting posted on home page
09/18/13 New category, Layout/Ops Tours, added to Timetable page
09/09/09 Train Show, Meets and Convention schedules updated
08/24/13 Meeting schedule and clinics posted for 2013/2014 season
08/04/13 Added clinics for 9/21/13 meeting
06/18/13 Added slides for Tool clinic and Rocks of Ages clinic
03/16/13 Added handout from New Haven Steam clinic
02/10/13 2 new Trackside Photos added
02/03/13 New events added to Meets and Conventions
01/14/13 Mole Hills to Mountains and Poor Man's GrassMaster© clinics posted
01/02/13 Show schedule updated. Diesel (1) and Electric (2) loco photos added to gallery
12/03/12 Clinics for 12/01/12 meeting posted
11/28/12 Operating session at Franklin Lang's has been canceled. The layout is open for visiting.
11/11/12 Operations 100 clinic 3/19/11 and Kitbashing Structures handout 5/21/11 posted
10/28/12 Powering Turnouts Clinic from 10/27/12 posted
10/28/12 Bob Collett's Huntington & Hartford in Great Model Railroads added
10/16/12 Clinic change for 10/27/12 meeting. See Home Page
10/09/12 Slides from Turnout Clinic (09/15/12 meeting) updated
09/18/12 New category added to Galleries: Trackside Photos
09/15/12 Clinics for 09/15/12 meeting posted
09/14/12 After Meeting and Show and Tell updates to 09/15/12 meeting
06/16/12 Clinic updates for 09/15/12 meeting
06/06/12 Photos from 05/12/12 After Meeting Clinic posted
05/23/12 Fall train shows added
05/17/12 Clinics for 05/12/12 meeting posted
05/14/12 Fall meeting dates posted
03/26/12 May 12 meeting posted on home page
03/06/12 Timetable updated with 2012 events
02/08/12 Second clininc for May meeting has been changed. Important notice here and on home page..
02/01/12 Second clinic added to May meeting agenda
01/26/12 March 17, 2012 meeting posted
12/29/11 Operations 101 video posted
11/24/11 Clinics for 10/29 and 11/19 meetings posted. 1/14/12 meeting posted.
11/10/11 Clinics, etc for 11/19/11 meeting posted. 2012 meeting dates posted
10/20/11 Preliminary information for 11/19/11 meeting posted
09/24/11 Slides for Bob Collett/John Grosner Operation 101 Clinic posted; Slides for Chuck Thomas' Designing a Layout Clinic posted (see Past Meetings)
09/15/11 After meeting activities added for 10/29/11 meeting. Streak & Bay Ridge City layout photos added
09/08/11 Meeting date for October had to be changed from 10/22 to 10/29, due to a conflict at the New Canaan Historical Society
09/06/11 "After meeting" activity added for September meeting on Home page.. Conventions, Meets and Shows pages updated with second half 2011 dates.. Video of Brian Hutchinson's layout (from his clinic) has been posted.
08/03/11 Clinics for September meeting updated on Home page
07/09/11 6/23/11 Board Meeting minutes posted
07/07/11 Members information removed for privacy issues
06/14/11 Officers updated
05/29/11 Meeting dates for Fall 2011 posted.
05/08/11 By-Laws removed from 5/21/11 meeting agenda for further revision.
04/27/11 Added notice regarding By-Laws to be voted at 5/21/11 meeting
04/23/11 Link to Board Meeting minutes added to "About" tab. 04/20/11 minutes posted
04/09/11 Additional photos added to Cabooses and Locos-Electric
03/2711 Additional photos added to Cabooses and Freight Cars
03/24/11 Added the Dutchess & Hudson Valley RR to Published Layouts
03/23/11 Additional Award Models posted
03/21/11 Last meeting scheduled for 2010/2011 posted on Home page
  Archives - Slides for Scott Russell's weathering clinic added
  More photos added to Locomotives - Diesel/Turbines
  Photos added to Structures - Scratchbuilt
03/08/11 More photos added to Locomotives - Diesel/Turbines

After meeting activities added to 5/21/11 meeting
More photos added to Structure Kits

02/19/11 Train show listing updated
01/19/11 1/19/11 meeting archived (with slides and links added)
AP Chairman changed from Don Straub to Robert Seckler

Clinics updated on Home page and Future Meetings.
Subjects for Popular Vote Contest and After Meeting Activities added.

12/26/10 This page (New Content) and What's New notification button
12/12/10 Structure Kits - Photos added
12/10/10 Rick Abramson's Layout - Photo added
12/03/10 Archives - Slides for Jeff Hanke's Decal Clinic added
11/28/10 Craftsman Structure Show Photos added
11/24/10 Members Page updated
  Slides for Bob Collett's DCC Capabilities clinic added
11/20/10 John Elwood's Layout - Photos added
  Slides for John Grosner's Conifer clinic added
11/07/10 Slides for Robert Seckler's Modeling Water clinic added
11/03/10 Locomotives - Diesels/Turbines - Photos added

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