Achievement Program

The NMRA’s achievement program is both a learning experience and route to becoming an NMRA Master Model Railroader (MMR).

Golden Spike

The Golden Spike is the easiest, and for many people, the first AP award that they earn. It is designed to demonstrate familiarity with different areas of the hobby, rather than expertise in a particular area. So take a look at the requirements - you may find that you have met most, or all of them already. For the requirements see:

Master Model Railroader

Briefly stated, there are 11 areas of modeling association activity recognized by the NMRA. To become an MMR you need to complete seven, and of these seven certificates, you must have at least one from each of the following four areas:

  1. Model Railroad Equipment:
  2. Master Builder - Locomotoves
  3. Master Builder - Cars
  4. Settings:
  5. Master Builder - Structures
  6. Master Builder - Scenery
  7. Master Builder - Prototype Models
  8. Engineering and Operation:
  9. Model Railroad Engineer - Civil
  10. Model Railroad Engineer - Electrical
  11. Chief Dispatcher
  12. Service to the Hobby:
  13. Association Official
  14. Association Volunteer
  15. Model Railroad Author

Approximately 20 of our current division members already hold one or more Achievement Certificates.
All the requirements and forms for the Achievement program are readily accessible through the NMRA’s website.

If you have any questions or need help or advice contact:

Don Mitchell, our division

Page Updated: 08/05/15