Term Expires:
Scott Russell Superintendent and Webmaster   June 2023**
Roger Cytron Director and Membership/After Meeting Activities    May 2023
Don Mitchell Director and Achievement Program Manager    May 2022
John Grosner Director at Large and Clinics    May 2022
John Shannon Director    May 2022
Chuck Thomas Director and Treasurer    May 2023
Rick Abramson Director    May 2023
Ron Poidomani Director and Clinics    May 2023
  Director Term = 3 years
Officer Term = 2 years

* Eligible for 2nd term
** Superintendent term

  Due to the unusual circumstances caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Directors terms have been extended 2 years. However, if you're interested in being a Director, let us know. Even though Metro-North was dormant, the directors terms expired, and we will be holding an election for several positions on the board.

Page Updated: 9/28/21